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Sacred Janey Wellness Retreats

Our mission is to provide you with an overflowing sense of wellness and positivity. Come alone, bring a friend, collect a group or even host your own. Our all-inclusive retreats create daily schedules that make sure to offer plenty of free time to relax as well as motivating and inspirational classes and experiences. Montana has given us the opportunity to share untapped, primordial energy sources. These places have both spiritual and historic significance, this is where great native tribes had flourished for thousands of years, living off this bountiful land that their ancestors had preserved and protected. Sacajawea aided Lewis and Clark in their expedition through this area, providing them safe passage. During this expedition Captain William Clark gave her the nickname “Janey” which is where we derived our name Sacred Janey.  The fresh air and beautiful mountain views are sure to help you find inner peace. We provide lodging,100% whole foods plant-based chef prepared meals, snacks, drinks, yoga, sound healing, guided meditation classes, workshops, off property adventure excursions and complementary extras. We partner with the best local professionals to help ensure the quality and satisfaction of your experience. Come join us and feel one with nature.

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